Where does righteous anger become political misadventure?

Grenfell Tower protests: Hundreds outside BBC's HQ

Nobody this week can have not been moved by the tragedy of the Grenfell Tower inferno that has robbed innocent people of family and home. Nobody cannot believe that there are serious answers needed not only to questions of design and construction but of social neglect. However, will the balm of solace be found through mass demonstrations and political rallies?

No doubt that the Prime Minister’s failure to draw close to the residents is a cause for criticsm of either inept advice or poor personal judgement but so is politcal opportunism that suggests that a million demonstrators in the streets should bring down the government. It is all, sadly, reminiscent of the Arab Spring when, some well intentioned individuals sought to condemn police behaviour that resulted in a desperate self-immolation. Once the mob is used by malevolent agents to deflect agencies seeking to give comfort and to find solutions to the tragedy, then our civilisation is lost.

Maybe it was the heat of summer  like that which created the outbursts of Toxteth, Tottenham and Wandsworth over racial injustice,  but let us hope that this tragedy does not become an excuse for igniting the conflict of civilizations. We have a reputation in this country of slow but steady progress, many seem to have forgotten that. Social systems do not behave at all predictably when they are moved from incremental trajectories to regions of chaotic behaviour. People who identify thenmselves as citizens of the UK should pause in their headlong flight into social violence and consider what they are calling down on themselves as well as others.