Surely Spring is Round the Corner?


The weather has been fickle this last week – the snow falls that excited the children (and still they had to go to school), the days of bright sunshine that tempted a few into the allotments and the heavy rain that filled the water butts in time for the summer. Then this wonderful sight – a Japanese Cherry tree in blossom in the churchyard.

The Funeral Service of Dr.Andrew Porter



Thursday 19th January, 2017, 2:30 pm

Andrew Porter never stood on ceremony and  never courted attention or celebrity and yet he was one of those people who, once you had met him, you would not forget. Despite holding strong views on the environment he never seemed to raise his voice yet his eyes burned with the passion of his belief. Indeed he stood as a Parliamentary candidate for the (Green or Ecology Party) in no fewer than three General Elections – no mean feat for a busy doctor. Another passion was cricket and in the early 1980s was a player for Wye Cricket Club Second XI. A passion that he passed on to his children.

He worked, with the same fervour and passion at our William Harvey Hospital as pediatrician and he was frequently seen riding his bicycle along the back road to work. Many of our mothers and children have been fortunate in the care and professionalism with which Andrew attended his vocation.

That vocation took Andrew and Brenda to Africa where he practiced what many of us preach – care for others who face the dangers of  survival every day. Brenda, who pre-deceased Andrew by several years, had been a nurse and one can imagine what a great boon they both were to their other communities. Brenda, however, contracted a serious blood disease and Andrew found himself caring for her. The loss of a partner is always stressful and Andrew saw several years of slow decline. However, we shall be wise to remember and reflect on a life well-lived and well-loved.

We send our condolences to his children and their families.

A thanksgiving Service For The Life of Michael Hiscock


Tuesday 17th January, 2017 at 12:00 noon 

A thanksgiving service for the life of Michael Hiscock will be held in Wye Parish Church. Michael and his wife Claire moved to Wye and rapidly established themselves as valuable members of our community. Michael had been a successful architect and there will be many in that community who will remember his honesty and professional commitment. Now we can add another perspective to his character – fortitude. Michael succumbed to a long illness that he wanted desperately to overcome, but, despite his persistent sense of humour  and love of life, both in evidence in that broad smile of his, he has passed from among us.

MIchael and Claire Hiscock

Claire, his devoted wife who has not always been in the best of health herself, has been buoyed by her indubitable faith in God. But, despite her certainty that she and Michael are in God’s hands, she will still suffer the darkness of this vale of tears. Therefore, as a community, our care and concern for her will only ever match the care and concern that she has shown Michael and us.

Wye Continues to Laugh

A farmer walks up to an outhouse and finds a man fishing around in the hole with a long stick. The farmer asks what the man is doing and the man replies, “I dropped my jacket down there and I’m trying to get it back.”
The farmer says, “Are you crazy? Are you really gonna wear the jacket after it’s been down there?”
The Man says, “Oh, no way! But my sandwich in one of the pockets.”
Thanks Bob Oren Bass

Jack Cannot Resist The Theatre – Why Should he?



Since Jack Woodford retired from local politics his life has moved increasingly to his real love – the theatre. We have followed some of Jack’s forays into musicals but, in another life, he trod the boards. In Faversham’s gem of a theatre – The Arden – Jack will be playing in the eponymous play “Arden of Faversham”.

The play was written sometime in the 1590’s by an anonymous author – some have mentioned Marlowe and even William Shakespeare as possible playwrights. The play was recast by the Royal Shakespeare Company and is t be performed in modern dress.

It involves murder, money and marriage – rather like Midsomer Murders. but there the comparison ends for this is a play based on real people in real crimes receiving real attention by the forces of law and order.

Wye has been seriously short of theatrical dram – though it has made up for it  in real life. Attempts surface periodically to revive the Wye Drama Group, but, with the exception of an occasional twitch they have all failed. Maybe Jack’s enthusiasm is infectious?

For a greater synopsis follow the link:

Hello Wye and a Happy New Year

We know that some WyeWeb junkies have felt neglected over the past couple of weeks – at least since Christmas. But, hopefully, and not too far into our TENTH year we are still alive and kicking. (We have also over those years received a fair share of kicking too!)

Anyway a new look and perhaps a new set of contributors – who knows somebody may actually take up our challenge and send us not only comments but features.