Defining a true ‘pre-industrial’ climate period – BBC News

Following one of our stated interests we thought that this item will contribute to the debate about how much global ‘warming’ has occurred – clearly an increase in anything depends upon where you consider the base or start position.

Scientists suggest pushing back a baseline from which to judge human influence on the climate to 1720-1800.

Source: Defining a true ‘pre-industrial’ climate period – BBC News

Wye Laughs

If  WyeWebbers see any of these little folk around the village DO NOT report it  to us but rather relay the sightings to Our Place sic Dave Martin.

Trump Signs Government Scientist Gag Order (AOL UK )

Not the first time in history political power has tried to bury the results of scientific research but  scientists will also fight. This happens in North Korea, China and until 1991 in the former USSR. Totalitarian regimes require the control of information, suppress debate and hate the notion of opposition. The worst fears about the new US Administration are being realized. Wye College was a centre of excellence on the science of sustainable agriculture, we owe status as an AONB to scientists who worked there – some are still among us and we cannot thank them enough. One of WyeWeb’s missions is to fight for the cause of press freedom another is to extol the harmony of the natural world.

Knowledge is power, and the new Republican president, Donal John Trump, doesn’t want you to have that power. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, discuss the issue.

Source: AOL UK – Video – Trump Signs Government Scientist Gag Order

Wye Aerodrome Inspires Novelist

During our recent sojourn from the web we received notice from a well-known author of flying novels – Ron Eisele. He wrote :

It may be of interest to know that my latest WW1 Royal Flying Corps novel, just published on Amazon Kindle, contains substantial references to the old Wye airfield. Also included is the old ‘Golden Ball’ Inn. I hope you and your readers will enjoy!

This is a story of courage, of luck, loyalty and the invincibility of the human spirit. An extraordinary saga of young men who forged a new theatre of warfare with their very lives. A vivid, absorbing tale of heroes and the birth of a modern breed of warrior.
In his dramatic new novel, Ron Eisele evocatively describes how talented aviators with a love of flying hone their skills and develop the strength of character to survive. The SE5 – Britain’s advanced single seat scout – is their ultimate weapon in a high-risk war as they witness first-hand the rapidly developing technology and tactics of aerial combat.
It is May 1917. The conflict in the sky over northern France has reached new heights of savagery. 303 Squadron’s Commanding Officer, Major Thomas McClennan, a man with nothing to live for, commands an elite cadre of men with everything to lose. Men like Captain Scott Cameron, a veteran flier who has inherited his father’s ethics of ‘honour in battle’ and whose leadership and compassion make him a hero to his fellow pilots.
1917 Inherit the Blue is a spirited tale relating the experiences of RFC subalterns, James Thompson, Cecil Peterson and Stephen Hogarth. Three young men from a generation who had never known conflict or the loneliness, fatigue and fear of war. Their coming of age and sudden awakening to comradeship, women and adventure is weaved into the tapestry of an engaging and emotional narrative. It is a story of aviators who must strike deep into the heart of an unyielding enemy, or pay the ultimate price for failure.

BT – So what do we pay corporate auditors for?

The latest corporate news from one of our biggest companies must give pause of thought to all those looking to a bright new, dynamic, free-trade future for Britain. Of course Italy is in the EU and BT and its Italian arm must have been trading under the same rules. But where were the checks and balances? Bt has announced:

BT previously announced on 27 October 2016 that an initial internal investigation of accounting practices in its Italian business had identified certain historical accounting errors and areas of management judgement requiring reassessment. At that time, they announced the write down of items on the balance sheet by £145m, being the then best estimate of the financial impact of these issues.

An independent review by KPMG LLP of the accounting practices in BT’s Italian operations and their own comprehensive balance sheet review. These investigations have revealed that the extent and complexity of inappropriate behaviour in the Italian business were far greater than previously identified and have revealed improper accounting practices and a complex set of improper sales, purchase, factoring and leasing transactions. These activities have resulted in the overstatement of earnings in their Italian business over a number of years.

These questions remain:

1. What happened to internal controls for at least a year;
2. Meanwhile, where were the highly paid external audit teams?
3. Senior people have left the company but we have to presume that their salaries and bonuses were significantly raised by the fiddled results. What prosecutions are to follow?
4. Just how long has this been going on?


WyeWebber in the Mountains of Western Pakistan?

WyeWebber in the Mountains of Pakistan (Thanks to Google)

We have, because of the world-wide reputation of Wye College, a surprisingly cosmopolitan readership. Oh Mr. Eyles pops in from New Zealand nearly every day, college alumni are frequently found fishing among our memories and once a ranger from the Himalayas contacted us because he had discovered a gravestone commemorating a soldier who died in service. But, more surprising, was a visitor from the mountains of Pakistan. Perhaps somebody is backpacking in what has been regarded as a challenging environment and has been trying to find out whether Joshan’s is yet open or even delivering take-aways? Perhaps a late bid for WYE3 is about to come in – we did hear that some Muslim scholars were interested. Maybe somebody is interested in a recuperative session in Withersdane. So many strange things have been happening of late that may not be so absurd.

Littoral Sunset

The tide is rising as the sun is setting, not a sound was to be heard – not even water birds – the sea has been as still as the proverbial mill-pond and clothed in mist all day. Soon the mist will return, the temperature drop to below freezing but this memory will remain.

A Message From WyeWeb

   Things Not Going Quite Right, Sir?

Regular WyeWebbers will have noticed a considerable disruption to our service after Christmas. The fact is we have changed our hosting service and, since there have been considerable changes in the ‘tech’ since we started ten years ago glitches were to be expected. However the ‘glitches’ were a bit more serious than we allowed for and, since there are other calls on our attention, some of the things may never gt corrected. So as our previous theme is no longer available and the backup of our old website does not sit neatly in the new one you will find less things on our site. Nevertheless we will take the opportunity to update our pages, recover as much of the posts as we can but it will take some time. We have got most of the substantive material in our own database so, as they say, just make a cup of tea and relax – we shall.