Real Home-Grown Humour! Seven nuns pictured at Seven Sisters  – BBC News

Thanks to the BBC and Ben Patey

Don’t you just love it when real life copies fiction? Of course we know all about the Vicar of Dibley and its village! Perhaps they are waiting for seven brothers?

The real-life seven sisters were pictured by a London commuter who said it was a “strange but amusing moment”.

Source: Seven nuns pictured at Seven Sisters – but some say there are nine – BBC News

No Laughing Matter

Several years ago the recently deceased Bert Chittenden took delivery of a brand-new motorized mower. You will recollect that those were the days when Bert led the way in keeping his (several) allotments neat and tidy and, to boot, would mow both major and minor paths. But enough of reminiscing about the ‘good old days’, after all for some they were good and for others less so. Anyway Bert took delivery of his bright red motor on an evening just before the weekend. He awoke next morning to find that thieves had stolen his new machine. As we learned rural thefts of farm vehicles and machinery was a growing hazard for working in the countryside.

However, this tongue-in-cheek look at the issue as seen from the other side of the pond, raised a wry smile.

Wise Words?

Will Royalist Wye Be Ready For This One? MPs call for public holiday to celebrate Queen’s 65 years on throne

Hard on the heels of The Wye Christmas Street Party we have what has traditionally been another great excuse for a Street Party – Royal Anniversaries. But with so much pressure on volunteering will Wye be able to muster its brigades on this occasion. Give us your thoiughts.

The Queen’s 65 years on the throne should be celebrated with a national public holiday this summer, according to MPs. Conservative Andrew Rosindell said it would be a missed opportunity if there are no celebrations given that the Queen made

Source: MPs call for public holiday to celebrate Queen’s 65 years on throne

The Mikado
















This is NOT Jack Woodford but our own intrepid Thespian is once more putting himself on view at The  Tower Theatre – one of the south coast’s little gems. Treat yourself to a breath of fresh sea air as well as some good songs by Gilbert and Sullivan.




The Christmas Street Party – Now’s Your Chance To Shine

Has this Wye resident magic powers – will she guess correctly?

I think that I am right in saying that Ann and Peter Sutherland have run the Wye Business Association Christmas Street Party since 1997. During that long period dozens of helpers have come and gone but the Ticketyboo stalwarts have recovered after each party, girded their loins and set about organizing the next one. Now, after twenty years they are retiring. Thank you both for all that effort and I am sure that many charities will thank you too.

However, after the dust has settled  – who will take over?

Ann and Peter Sutherlands’ Appeal: Street Party 2017

Peter Sutherland
Ann Sutherland








BCP – another lost opportunity?

BCP – Wye

A significant beneficiary of the presence of agricultural research at Wye College has been Biological Crop Protection. Far from the modern, technological architecture beloved by Imperial College in its grand visions, BCP took over both glasshouses and the old building that once housed the soft-fruit harvests from the nearby fields. There will be many of you remember those fields of strawberries and raspberries protected by signs warning that they had been sprayed with deadly pesticides – yes, we were all fooled by that!

For more than a year the staff of BCP have been made redundant or moved leaving just a skeleton crew to clear up as the grand departure was prepared. WyeWeb tried its best, on behalf of those who regret the loss of all local agricultural activities, to raise an awareness of the incipient tragedy of another loss to employment possibilities in Wye.

It appears that, by the indication that you can pick up for free office furniture items, the final departure is imminent.  We wish all the staff who were working in Wye and who lived among us the best of luck in finding new employment. We hear that Wye Bugs, presently occupying the former greenhouses of Wye College, may be taking over the BCP site. Mike Copland and his staff are a reminders of both the status and considerable benefit of biological methods of crop protection.

Don’t Put Those Wellies Away Just Yet

Just as we have been congratulating ourselves about the First Day of Spring and how beautiful the flowers will be in the churchyard – this is what is promised over the weekend!