River and brooks

The River Stour is the second longest river in Kent and along its tortuous path it collects water from across the region, particularly from the North Downs. Again the gap in the Downs that has Wye at its westernmost end is only one of two – the other forming for the Medway.

The Stour flows north-east, towards Olanteigh Towers, the water meadows on the right.
Upstream, towards the south-west the River Stour has passed Wye – the railway line is on the right

Around Wye, on both banks of the river brooks feed into the main course.

The River Stour breaks into several rivulets in this vicinity, home to many water-birds
Another loop in the river

In fact the river itself breaks into several loops that rejoin before passing Olanteigh.

Water is all around just here
Not only seen but heard…