Chalk Spring

The location of Wye’s Springs

Some short distance east of the village the ploughed fields and pastures – in the vicinity of Withersdane – the water that has percolated down through the chalk of the Downs is obstructed. Instead it adds to the water table which has facilitated the extraction of water historically in domestic wells. However, especially in times of very heavy winter rains, when the water table is raised, the water moves sideways, to emerge and form springs. These springs often expose the junctions of chalk and clay and the water is wonderfully clear. Frequently the small brooks that emerge flow over beds of pebbles and, wonderfully, the calcium ions in the water are deposited as calcium carbonate on objects in the water. This twigs, leaves and some of the flints will be transformed into white, ghostly shapes. There are two locations down Bridge Street where such springs emerge but these have, historically, been contained. Similarly, along Oxenturn Road, the excess water, as described above, will flood across one of the main connecting roads to and from Wye.