Wye’s Wonderful Water

Most of Wye is built above the flood plain of the River Stour, however that is not true of some of the properties nearer the bridge. Occasionally and especially if our Victorian sewers have been kept neither clean nor in good repair, the river floods.

Wye’s Flood Plain 1
Wye’s Flood Plain 2


Wye’s Flood Plain 3
Mill Pool, Wye

More or less the same view about one hundred years ago from a postcard of Ruby Galloway’s collection.  (Thanks to Adrian)

Wye Mill and Wye Bridge
The River Stour at Wye – Wye Bridge from Downriver

Although The Stour is fordable at Wye the ford has been replaced by this stone arched bridge. Today the pedestrian is protected by strong stone walls when the bridge was widened, and has viewing platforms to engage the hiker with some time to spare.