The Jacobean Statuettes of Wye College

Statuettes as they were recorded on Wye College Staircase

On Wednesday 6th July 2011 WyeWeb reported that Wye College Statuettes had been sold by a fine art dealer, Edric van Vredenburgh.  Edric van Vredenburgh, had recently sold a collection of chestnut 17th century statues whose provenance included a stay at Wye College. Our local historians will need to confirm the statement that “The reconstruction work on the house was started in 1610 transforming it from a former Monastery college into a private residence therefor it is reasonable to conclude that the sculptures and staircase from which they come were carved between 1610-15.”

Since then, of course. these statuettes have been returned but it was one of the distressing situations that the college and village faced after Imperial College rescued Wye College from a dire financial future.

Statuettes after removal for ‘safe-keeping’


Subsequently Dr Sally Leaver commissioned an in-depth survey of the statuettes as well as many of the other ‘College Treasures”. In the Prosser report (below) the images of the statuettes and their historical value can be appreciated by Wyeweb readers.