A Sketch for Developing Wye Village Hall 2010

Executive Summary

  • Time is right to assess the appropriateness of the Wye Village Hall and Recreation Ground
  • The Recreation Ground is extensively and intensively used although ancillary amenities e.g. changing rooms are woefully inadequate
  • The Small Village Hall has virtually become synonymous with the Wye Pre-School because of the latter’s weekday occupation it has, however, a high attraction to villagers and outsiders alike and its centrality to the whole Wye Village Hall complex needs to be revisited.
  • The Large Village Hall is too big for some things and too small for others. The space could be considered for subdividing but would, ideally need expansion for large events including sports events.
  • Storage and office space is inadequate and is essentially an unpaid-for drag on village hall finances. The hall management and committee meetings have to be carried out outside the confines of the village hall and makes communications with hall staff and committee unsustainable.
  • There is no general information area where users/visitors can acquire information about the use of the hall.
  • There are no modern communications as basic as a telephone line and other villages boast broadband and WI-fi facilities.
  • The use of the hall for social functions is frustrated by poor furniture and unacceptable constraints of time and other amenities.
  • The cooking facilities are good but again serve only occasional users – with the exception of children’s lunches.
  • The heating of the large hall is a financial burden in the cold weather and the whole construction is not consistent with a modern community facility.

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A sketch for developing the Wye Village Hall