Living in Wye

what wye has losT – a video by david hewson

The Best and the Worst of Times – that is how it seems for Wye. The best must be because after a long period of itinerant students and aging pensioners now the village/town has many more young families. The parents are hard-working millenials and many have moved from London or other urban sites to give an opportunity of fresh rural living to their children.
The worst because the future – even without Brexit – looks threatening. The developers who purchased Wye College are clearly here to make money – lots of it. The communications into and out of Wye may not be able to cope with the increased traffic brought about by the Free School and the several junior schools. The house prices and council tax burden are very serious burdens for any young adults raised in Wye and there is a serious lack of manufacturing in and around Ashford.
Nevertheless we will try to present a balance view of Wye and the goings on. Our pages used to contain much local information – history, local nature, societies and so on. We still have access to that material but the new WyeWeb has give us a chance to prune and enhance – that will take quite an effort. But the effort is worthy of our 10th Anniversary.