Jack Cannot Resist The Theatre – Why Should he?



Since Jack Woodford retired from local politics his life has moved increasingly to his real love – the theatre. We have followed some of Jack’s forays into musicals but, in another life, he trod the boards. In Faversham’s gem of a theatre – The Arden – Jack will be playing in the eponymous play “Arden of Faversham”.

The play was written sometime in the 1590’s by an anonymous author – some have mentioned Marlowe and even William Shakespeare as possible playwrights. The play was recast by the Royal Shakespeare Company and is t be performed in modern dress.

It involves murder, money and marriage – rather like Midsomer Murders. but there the comparison ends for this is a play based on real people in real crimes receiving real attention by the forces of law and order.

Wye has been seriously short of theatrical dram – though it has made up for it  in real life. Attempts surface periodically to revive the Wye Drama Group, but, with the exception of an occasional twitch they have all failed. Maybe Jack’s enthusiasm is infectious?

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