Does this mean anything to you?


PM Teresa May

Does this square with your view of Teresa May? There must be many of us now who were persuaded that after David Cameron’s resignation and a Conservative leadership election the path to negotiated Brexit was in a safe pair of hands. However, many of us have been increasingly distressed by Mrs May’s decision-making and hustings performance. I received this in my mailbox

“I am sitting here trying to decide whether Teresa May’s problem is that she is as thick as a brick, or that she totally lacks any self-awareness or both.

Just consider her track record. First, she is a committed supporter of Remain who makes a sudden 180 degree turn to become a fervent Brexiter in order to support her ambition to be PM. Not content with that, she goes further than she ever needs to do by deciding, basically without consulting anyone, that the UK will also exit the single market and the customs union, in the teeth of all advice that the consequences will almost certainly be catastrophic economically, as well as potentially causing the break up of the UK.

She appoints three clowns to the three key offices of state that will most impact Brexit and ensures that powerful political figures she dislikes are contemptuously dismissed and ignored, completely forgetting that they may then seek the opportunity for revenge (George Osborne anyone?).

Her response to experienced civil servants telling her truths she doesn’t want to hear is to dismiss them and destroy their careers. She tries to dismiss Parliament as an inconvenient irrelevance and is furious when the courts point out that she cannot do so. She appears to believe that it isn’t a problem that almost a year after the referendum there is no understanding of the main issues, no clarity on what the UK is aiming to achieve in the Brexit negotiations, and no reassurance for beleaguered businesses wondering how they are going to be impacted.

She then calls an utterly unnecessary election on entirely spurious grounds …. at which point, she makes the worst mistake of all as far as her own career is concerned. She puts herself at the centre of the whole campaign, allowing virtually no role or airtime to her colleagues, takes no advice except her inner circle, announces without consultation policies which directly attack her strongest supporter base, and has to go for a humiliating U-turn almost immediately, mouths ludicrous soundbites that mean nothing, builds the entire campaign around her own (non-existent) personality, and launches personal attacks on her opponent based on things he did and said (or didn’t do and didn’t say) decades ago.

And thus succeeds in turning what should have been an unassailable lead into a real chance of a reduced majority or even a loss. While, of course, cosying up to wholly unreliable fools like Trump, and ensuring that our largest market and nearest neighbours, those with whom the UK needs to successfully negotiate, are comprehensively fed up with her total lack of understanding of the issues, her quite unnecessary aggression and her vacuous slogans.

It is almost impossible to think of ways in which her performance as PM could have been more disastrously inept. To revert to my opening sentence … all the evidence would suggest it is both, plus a level of arrogance that is truly staggering!”