Butterfly, Butterfly …..








One of our wonderful visitors is the Peacock butterfly. Over the sunnier days of the last two un-springlike weather, we have been fortunate to spot several of these beautiful creatures sunning themselves – they need the heat they are cold-blooded.

Nature “Red in Tooth and Claw”













We recently pointed out that nature does not need our actions, such as contaminating the countryside with our rubbish, to challenge local species of both animals and plants.

Yesterday underlined this for us when taking a chance to amble in our glorious AONB we encountered the remains of some predator’s meals! Birds eggs are protected from human predation but, naturally, not from nature’s.


Don’t Put Those Wellies Away Just Yet

Just as we have been congratulating ourselves about the First Day of Spring and how beautiful the flowers will be in the churchyard – this is what is promised over the weekend!

Surely Spring is Round the Corner?


The weather has been fickle this last week – the snow falls that excited the children (and still they had to go to school), the days of bright sunshine that tempted a few into the allotments and the heavy rain that filled the water butts in time for the summer. Then this wonderful sight – a Japanese Cherry tree in blossom in the churchyard.