My Heart Is Inditing – Wye Church is host to The Caritas Chamber Choir and Caritas Sinfonia


Wye has long been associated with both the rule of kings and the role of the church. We are also fortunate to have living amongst us many musicians and lovers of music. Partly that is due to the wise tutelage of  Dr Mark Deller of the child members of the Wye Church Choir. Partly it is because we have attracted residents such as Matthew King and they have demonstrated, not only their love of music but also, by example, the joy of its accomplishment. It was no surprise then to see advertised the concert performed by The Caritas Chamber Choir and their accompanists- The Caritas Sinfonia. However, what was a surprise was the outstanding rendering of a program of music for members of the British Monarchy. Mainly the pieces were from Coronation Anthems written by George Frederik Handel but also from Henry Purcell, John Tavener and Paul Mealor.

The names of the performers, as well as details of the programme, can be seen in the accompanying images and, of great benefit was the page giving the texts of each piece.

The Programme
The Texts



It would be invidious to mark out any of the performers since in true merit of music the whole was greater than the sum of the parts, however, mention must be made of their conductor, Benedict Preece. Clearly, Benedict has more than a little Welsh choral blood coursing through his veins, but it is also a mark of the quality of his training, education and devotion that this young man (only 25 years of age) demonstrated qualities far in excess of his age. I think that we shall see and hear more, much more of Benedict. For those who were unable or forsook the  opportunity of hearing the performance in Wye Church, which was packed anyway, I can give you two parts of the performance: