Another View of Wye


Wye in 1883 – painted by Morris of Wye

Wye townsfolk will be aware of how wyeweb helps to record not only current affairs and opinions but also tries to archive of Wye images and documents that make up our heritage. Only a few days ago we learned that one of our elderly residents recalled knowing the coke-maker in the Wye Gasworks mentioned in Mr. Gallaway’s recollections of Wye at the end of the nineteenth century.

In 2012 we had the fortune to gain access to a privately owned painting from 1883 that will not only interest our readers but will probably stimulate discussion of the buildings and features of the town in Victorian times.  In 2012 we used part of this picture as a WyeWeb banner image. Although we have had some misfortune with the old website we have been able to capture many of our pieces and images from 2007 to 2016 so we shall be able, gradually, to restore some of the more historic images and pieces! Meanwhile, have a look at the above image and see if you can identify buildings in the village from 1883!

The chalk quarry is clearly visible, as is the church and college buildings, what else can you identify?

A Memory of Wye Sixty or Seventy Years Ago – By one Who Lived There

The Gallaway Memoir

A Memory of Wye Sixty or Seventy Years Ago – By one Who Lived There [1]

The first thought that crosses one’s mind “Has Wye and its present inhabitants altered much since those times”? If we look at Wye itself the old town remains much about the same except for the houses recently built on its outskirts. Taking a walk from Boughton Corner to the station you would have noticed a large hop-garden on the right hand side now converted into an orchard also a smaller hop-garden lower down on the opposite side of the road and Bramble(s) Farm was the only house there until you turned the corner towards the station where there used to be a village pound opposite the present house then inhabited by a Mrs. Pearce, a grey-hound trainer.

Mr Pearce, greyhound keeper

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