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Mike Adams and Sheba – ever ready to give

Over the years Wye has been the welcome abode to many characters who could (and indeed have) grace the pages of novels. One of those who has made a significant mark on the happiness and vitality of Wye is Mike Adams and his wife, Rosemary (and Sheba!). No one can forget Mike taking the microphone at the summer fete or his ability to co-ordinate the Christmas carols at the Wye Street Party. Perhaps many of our older residents have found the loneliness of old age easier to bear with “Mike’s Lunches” and especially his bus trips.

So, now is the time for Wye to reciprocate. Mike is seriously ill. He and his wife will need the comfort of all those in Wye who care, as they have during their stay with us. Please, join with us at WyeWeb, in taking the time to give Mike and Rosemary your best wishes, to wish him well.