BCP – another lost opportunity?

BCP – Wye

A significant beneficiary of the presence of agricultural research at Wye College has been Biological Crop Protection. Far from the modern, technological architecture beloved by Imperial College in its grand visions, BCP took over both glasshouses and the old building that once housed the soft-fruit harvests from the nearby fields. There will be many of you remember those fields of strawberries and raspberries protected by signs warning that they had been sprayed with deadly pesticides – yes, we were all fooled by that!

For more than a year the staff of BCP have been made redundant or moved leaving just a skeleton crew to clear up as the grand departure was prepared. WyeWeb tried its best, on behalf of those who regret the loss of all local agricultural activities, to raise an awareness of the incipient tragedy of another loss to employment possibilities in Wye.

It appears that, by the indication that you can pick up for free office furniture items, the final departure is imminent.  We wish all the staff who were working in Wye and who lived among us the best of luck in finding new employment. We hear that Wye Bugs, presently occupying the former greenhouses of Wye College, may be taking over the BCP site. Mike Copland and his staff are a reminders of both the status and considerable benefit of biological methods of crop protection.

Defining a true ‘pre-industrial’ climate period – BBC News

Following one of our stated interests we thought that this item will contribute to the debate about how much global ‘warming’ has occurred – clearly an increase in anything depends upon where you consider the base or start position.

Scientists suggest pushing back a baseline from which to judge human influence on the climate to 1720-1800.

Source: Defining a true ‘pre-industrial’ climate period – BBC News

Trump Signs Government Scientist Gag Order (AOL UK )

Not the first time in history political power has tried to bury the results of scientific research but  scientists will also fight. This happens in North Korea, China and until 1991 in the former USSR. Totalitarian regimes require the control of information, suppress debate and hate the notion of opposition. The worst fears about the new US Administration are being realized. Wye College was a centre of excellence on the science of sustainable agriculture, we owe status as an AONB to scientists who worked there – some are still among us and we cannot thank them enough. One of WyeWeb’s missions is to fight for the cause of press freedom another is to extol the harmony of the natural world.

Knowledge is power, and the new Republican president, Donal John Trump, doesn’t want you to have that power. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, discuss the issue.

Source: AOL UK – Video – Trump Signs Government Scientist Gag Order