Arsonist Scum-Bags Once More Disgrace Wye

It may be old news, well about a week old, but those who walk through the churchyard may have noticed an ugly scar. It is in fact a patch of burned out Parish rubbish bin. As usual scum-bags who prefer to destroy than create have used their surplus energy to set carry/drag the bin along the path before setting fire to it. No doubt full of Dutch courage or Moroccan grass they ran off before anyone could apprehend them. However, embedded in the plastic tar is some very nasty broken glass that only requires a small child running along the path to trip and fall. The possibilities of such an accident may be to much for most of us but we can be assured that the miscreants would have no conscience over such an issue.

Glass Shards in Melted Plastic

If anyone has any information about this perhaps they could speak to the Community Warden