WyeWebber in the Mountains of Western Pakistan?

WyeWebber in the Mountains of Pakistan (Thanks to Google)

We have, because of the world-wide reputation of Wye College, a surprisingly cosmopolitan readership. Oh Mr. Eyles pops in from New Zealand nearly every day, college alumni are frequently found fishing among our memories and once a ranger from the Himalayas contacted us because he had discovered a gravestone commemorating a soldier who died in service. But, more surprising, was a visitor from the mountains of Pakistan. Perhaps somebody is backpacking in what has been regarded as a challenging environment and has been trying to find out whether Joshan’s is yet open or even delivering take-aways? Perhaps a late bid for WYE3 is about to come in – we did hear that some Muslim scholars were interested. Maybe somebody is interested in a recuperative session in Withersdane. So many strange things have been happening of late that may not be so absurd.