An Apology

To anyone who is still watching Wyeweb I would like to apologize for the lack of any new posts. Many years ago the then parish clerk who had her own ideas about web internet communications and did not like being thwarted accused those of us who wished for an independent web presence of running a blog. I am still not sure that she understood the differences among websites, but wyeweb continued for the greater part of ten years to be a local webpaper or webazine or something other than a daily diary of somebody’s personal experiences. It depended very much on either contributions or news items that interested the village. Today that has changed.

Oh there are still things that affect the lives of residents, though the demographics of the village have changed beyond recognition. No longer can we speak of a “Oxbridge in a Village’ and the local pubs are now either tourist stop-overs or chic wine-bars and, although the countryside is still very pleasant for the occasional weekend stroll with the baby it no longer gives Wye it’s special place in agricultural activity. No there are issues aplenty for the people of Wye. However, the issues that bound the people into a community have been relegated to the background. Perhaps, the highly individualized society has come to Wye and so we have, at best, a number of small groups with their own identities. The Wye Art Association, the Wye Historical Society, the various congregations – each serving its own self-serving objectives. For my part I have always been interested in my professional calling and I find increasing satisfaction in a greater community of scientists of like mind.

I had hoped to try and restore some of the historical content of Wyeweb but looks increasingly difficult and, assuredly, a labour of love worthy of the greater community. I will continue to try and restore some of the historical pages as long as I feel that the site serves a purpose but it may, in the end, turn out to be more of a blog than we originally intended.


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  1. I presume that Wyeweb is no longer going to be the village clarion, keeping us up to date on community matters as it has so admirably done since Errol took it over from David Hewson after his successful defence of our village from the grasping hands of the then owners of Wye College.

    For the past 10 years or so Errol with the help of Peter and Anne Sutherland, have worked hard putting together and publishing on line , an interesting, informative, and on occasions controversial diary of Wye community life, which will be much missed.

    Thanks to all involved.

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