A thanksgiving Service For The Life of Michael Hiscock


Tuesday 17th January, 2017 at 12:00 noon 

A thanksgiving service for the life of Michael Hiscock will be held in Wye Parish Church. Michael and his wife Claire moved to Wye and rapidly established themselves as valuable members of our community. Michael had been a successful architect and there will be many in that community who will remember his honesty and professional commitment. Now we can add another perspective to his character – fortitude. Michael succumbed to a long illness that he wanted desperately to overcome, but, despite his persistent sense of humour  and love of life, both in evidence in that broad smile of his, he has passed from among us.

MIchael and Claire Hiscock

Claire, his devoted wife who has not always been in the best of health herself, has been buoyed by her indubitable faith in God. But, despite her certainty that she and Michael are in God’s hands, she will still suffer the darkness of this vale of tears. Therefore, as a community, our care and concern for her will only ever match the care and concern that she has shown Michael and us.