A Message From WyeWeb

   Things Not Going Quite Right, Sir?

Regular WyeWebbers will have noticed a considerable disruption to our service after Christmas. The fact is we have changed our hosting service and, since there have been considerable changes in the ‘tech’ since we started ten years ago glitches were to be expected. However the ‘glitches’ were a bit more serious than we allowed for and, since there are other calls on our attention, some of the things may never gt corrected. So as our previous theme is no longer available and the backup of our old website does not sit neatly in the new one you will find less things on our site. Nevertheless we will take the opportunity to update our pages, recover as much of the posts as we can but it will take some time. We have got most of the substantive material in our own database so, as they say, just make a cup of tea and relax – we shall.